Not everyone is able to understand tax labyrinths, and especially when they are frequently changed, so tax professionals should be entrusted with managing the tax base.
We provide advice in all direct taxes (personal income tax, corporation tax, property tax, land tax, state social security and compulsory health insurance contributions, contributions to guarantee fund, etc.) and indirect taxes (VAT, excise duties, customs), financial management, planning, budgeting, financial analysis and optimization issues.

We also consult on tax verification issues, help you assess the decisions of the tax administrator and address any issues arising from the tax inspection, advise and help you deal with issues related to tax declaration.

If you plan to carry out strategic actions of establishment, acquisition or sale of business segments, we will help you to assess the consequences and risks of mentioned actions according to local or international tax practices.
Consultations are provided at our office or at the client’s office and may be one-off or permanent.
The price and frequency of regular consultations shall be determined by mutual agreement for one month.