The laws require that the annual financial statements of some companies would be approved by an independent auditor.
The same applies to the consolidated financial statements of groups of companies.
However, it is useful to review the financial statements even in case when the law does not require it.
In this way, your business partners, investors, credit institutions can make sure that you are working neatly, honestly, comply with all the requirements and ensure that your company’s management would be effective.
Independent auditing brings benefits to the companies – they can check whether they keep their accounts correctly, and properly control business risks.

The audit service provided by our company consists of a whole set of interconnected services and procedures.
We divide this service into several components:

  • Financial reporting audit
  • Specialized tax audit
  • Audit of projects funded by the European Union Structural Funds Financial reporting audit

Financial reporting audit

The purpose of this audit is to determine whether the financial statements of the company correctly reflect, in all material cases, the company‘s financial position, performance and cash flows in accordance with the applicable legislation. Financial reporting audit is performed in accordance with the terms of the audit implementation agreement and the audit plan. After the audit, the official auditor’s conclusion and the audit report shall be provided. They provide solidity of financial statements and companies gain more confidence of customers. During the financial reporting audit, also, the internal control procedures of the company are inspected, the vulnerabilities are identified, accounting and tax advice is provided, management, organizational and other issues can be identified, to which the attention of company executives is drawn. The conclusion of the auditor about the financial reporting of your company is formed according to the end of the relevant period (discussed in the financial audit service contract) – if the financial reporting – whether it is prepared in accordance with applicable legal acts and RELIABLE.

Specialized tax audit

Companies often need to evaluate fairness, reasonableness, and timeliness of calculation and payment of individual taxes to the state. One or more taxes may be checked. During the inspection, we identify the current and potential tax risks (including corporate profits, added value, personal income taxes, state social insurance taxes) and offer effective ways of eliminating or reducing of risks. After the tax inspection, we provide the customer with an inspection report. The tax on financial activities calculated and paid (payable) by the company are also assessed.

Audit of projects funded by the European Union Structural Funds

We evaluate the compliance of management or control systems of funds or institutions responsible for the provision and oversight of the use of foreign financial assistance with the requirements set out in the guidelines of the respective fund. We conduct our audit in accordance with the regulations of the financial donor and international audit standards. In accordance with the funding requirements approved by the financial aid donor, we evaluate whether the project-funded expenditure is eligible; we prepare a report or issue a certificate based on the standard audit report or certificate form provided in the project finance agreement.