Upon the order of the companies’ buyers or sellers, our company provides due diligence service (legal, tax, financial). Thorough due diligence may be especially relevant when entering into a high-value transaction with an unfamiliar client, becoming a shareholder of another company or buying it. We will evaluate the accounting principles of the company in question, fairness of the financial statements and assessment and payment of taxes. We will also analyse the characteristics of the business and verify the compliance with the requirements of the law.

We will evaluate separate financial indicators relevant to investors and provide our general insights that will help to make an investment decision.

To determine the value of the transaction, we analyse:

  • Sales revenue and one-off transactions;
  • Cost of sales and operating expenses;
  • Cash flow;
  • Capital expenditure;
  • Working capital;
  • Information on management, systems and control;
  • Wage costs;
  • Liabilities and contingent liabilities that could have adverse effects on financial performance after the transaction.

We will prepare an evaluation report to the client with recommendations on elimination or reduction of identified risks.

Other assurance services

  • Evaluation report on reorganisation conditions
  • Audit of projects financed by EU Structural Funds